Working as a unit is our priority, to bring out the best from everyone and keep the process going on seamlessly. At Carrus, people help each other to innovate, tackle the challenges and to look through different angles towards a problem and finally come up with an excellent solution collectively. New ideas, discussions, and experiments are always welcomed at Carrus, we look for acknowledgment and give input boldly to keep on developing actually and accurately. Ambitiousness is in the environment here, we determine our goals by setting our sights high, as the way to elite is endless.


Carrus is glad to give equivalent work openings and is a governmental policy regarding minorities in society boss. We don’t segregate dependent on race, religion, shading, identity, sex, age, status, political perspectives or exercises, or other lawfully ensured qualities. We at Carrus attempt to give the best offices to our representatives and give them a dread-free climate to attempt to draw out their actual potential. At Carrus, you’ll end up in a climate that is totally bother-free, calm, and loaded with fervor. You’ll generally end up on your toes yet never feel the pressure of work that is our guarantee. You’ll generally feel esteemed and your thoughts will consistently be heard.


Carrus Mobility Solution continually takes a stab at new viewpoints. On the off chance that you have an eye for subtleties and are enthusiastic about inventive critical thinking, at that point this is the correct place for you. The department offers great opportunities for Product Designing and Rendering, Digital Designing,  and UI/UX Designing, and Website Designing while at the same time giving an energetic and solid workplace


The structure of an item is one side of the coin, promoting deals with the opposite side. Promoting is tied in with arranging, execution, and the outcome. At Carrus, one can use their marketing skills as a Social Media Manager, SEO Executive, Website Manager, and Digital Marketer. On the off chance that you have an incredible examination and relational abilities and are searching for a chance to upgrade them, at that point look no further.

Human Resources

Answerable for the upgrade of the organization’s HR through arranging, execution, and assessment of workers and different arrangements and projects, HR is the extension between the representative and business.


Engineering is all about following your passion and start building your dreams on your own. This department is majorly responsible for the complete functionality of the products. At Carrus Mobility Solutions, Aerospace Engineers, Power System Engineers, Avionics Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Mechatronics Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Electronics Engineers have several opportunities to grab and support in generating new Industrial Solutions for the nation.

Computer Science

Carrus Mobility Solutions is committed to accomplishing a brilliant and economical future through creative critical thinking. The division offers colossal freedoms to people knowledgeable in Blockchain, Decentralized Application Development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cyber Security, IoT, and the preferences, who will be liable for dealing with the front-end and the back-end. Carrus ensures a workspace that takes into account sound talk and rouses innovativeness and advancement.

Logistics and Supply
Chain Management

Responsible for transportation of material from manufacturing unit to pharmaceutical companies and then from pharmaceutical companies to the hospitals, it takes care of transporting the refrigerator across INDIA. Guaranteeing the conveyance of the item to the perfect objective at the perfect chance to the opportune individual with no harm is the core of this department.