Sameep Tripathi

Founder & CEO

An Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Thinker, passionate about exploring and experimenting for better and more efficient solutions for creating sustainable mobility. He always wanted to work for humanity and the nation, which led him to start this company. He is always eager to built connections and network with people, and his experience in leadership now helped him in creating a reliable team for the company. being surrounded by the mob of people talking about a job every time didn’t change his aim of doing something extraordinary and out of the box.

Dhruv Chakravarty


He is the one who stood and took the action with the CEO of founding the company and solving the problems of the industry while simultaneously serving the nation. He always tries to see things from a very different perspective so that he can find the maximum different probabilities of the consequences. Innovating, experimenting and observing are his cups of tea.

Shivangi Gawande

HR Manager

She is the most pleasant person who never lets her employees feel down. She is our company’s goal-setter and morale booster. She is able to get her employees to perform and add value to the bottom line of our company. Management is not an easy task but if one puts in their heart to it things can run smoothly. And it is what she is doing for the company.

Pranav Chaturvedi

Embedded Systems and Materials Lead

An Electronics And Communication Engineer, and a designer, who is a confident and creative person with the mind of a thinker. He has worked as an Electronic Innovations Head in Human Powered Vehicle Challenge. Apart from this, his soft skills of communication and management give him an extra edge over others, which makes him a better teammate and an Empathetic leader.

Vaibhav Goyal

Technical Lead

Following the trends sounds cool but making one hit differently. This is what Carrus Mobility Solutions believes to do in the near future. Being a part of such an organization not only helped him grow professionally and personally. Having his roots in automation and technology, it was an honor to work in the most crucial and vital sector of the company. He is a person who believes in change and so does this company.

Ritvik Ranjan

Computer Science and Technology Lead

He is a consultant of the company who contributed his precious time to brainstorming solutions and development. He is a person of exceptional leadership skills and possesses technical expertise with perfection. Apart from this, his dedication to the work sets him apart. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Link, Application development, full site development, and cloud computing are the fortes of this leadership mindset person. With his excels in Computer Science and Technology, he leads the team and also takes care of the challenges faced by them with exceptional mentorship and guidance.

Kirti Vishwakarma

Aerospace Lead

She is an inspiration to the vision. A wise decision-maker who checks all the boxes before. She is an expert when it comes to her domain of technology, also an aerospace enthusiast whose cynosure of research lies in the development and enhancement of advanced nuclear propulsion techniques for Space travel. Publishing research papers and being in gezellig of studying are her passion. If you want to begin the journey of never failing, come on board. A rebel from childhood, tiny clouds of her projects wafts through the window of the fowler flaps to infuse profound simplicity in rocket science.

Rajat Aggarwal

Electrical Lead

He holds a vision in his eyes of providing a sustainable world to humanity and works professionally for it. His skills in electrical-oriented tasks are demonstrated in his work and with his expertise and experience, he tries to bring out the best in any project.

Design Consultant

Tanishq Halder

Design Lead

He carries true skills and love for his works of designing, whether it is any component or the product itself. He follows a motto of his own, “create the best, at a price which can’t be provided by the rest. His expectation from Carrus is to get a platform and turn his ideas into reality.