A Cold Chain Logistics company focused on the storage and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines through its next-gen refrigeration and Logistics solutions for India and other tropical nations. Also, a manufacturing company working on the production of economical and sustainable EVs, Air Taxis, and Drones equipped with the latest technology. Apart from this, we are also into the generation of clean energy, Application, and Blockchain development


To make the conveyance of the most vital vaccine of the 21st century more facile and eco-friendly, with our secure and sustainable solutions in the form of high-capacity refrigerators. And provide India and other tropical nations with Cold Chain Logistics plus fleet and storage plus distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

To make India shift to sustainable and secure electrical mobility solutions sooner and introduce its Air taxis and Drones in the market with handcrafted for India solutions. Also to provide Application and Blockchain solutions to the nation.


Our refrigerators are designed and developed to provide sustainability. They are industry 4.0 products incorporating all the core sectors of Engineering with a compressor-condenser-predicated system to truncate the potency consumption and additionally maintain the physical standards. To exhibit the physical information there are equipped with LCDs.To make the product autonomous, the advanced concept of cybersecurity and IoT are utilized. They have a long battery backup, a special wheel, and a mechanism to minimalize the shocks.


To make the conveyance of the most crucial immunization of the 21st century simpler and eco-friendly, we put forward a puissant, secure, and supportable framework to cater to the sundry requisites and requests for high-limit refrigeration systems. Joined by a battery reinforcement framework, extraordinary wheel instrument, and a framework that avails in retaining stun, the item is exceptional and the desideratum of great consequentiality.

Accessible in two variations, the refrigerators utilize the conceptions of applied science and thermodynamics to diminish the power utilization and ultimately making an economical arrangement.


Coalescing their days & nights together, the group behind Carrus is comprised of fastidious committed people who fill in as a solitary unit to accomplish their objective of a shrewd and supportable future. The group reflecting variety in its piece guarantees a steady torrent of incipient noetic conceptions and consummate critical celebrating. Accepting that no assessment is non-essential, the group is one that advances conversations and discussions. The team consists of people experienced in their own respective fields like Design, Mechanics, Electronics, Avionics, Human resources management, etc.


Taking note of how cold storage and conveyance is a challenge faced by India. Carrus is working towards making it a seamless process, with our projects targeted towards meeting the most fundamental essentialities of the time. Not only this, but Carrus is also an organization working towards projects like introducing ‘sustainable and economical EVs’ in India, ‘Air taxis’, and the ‘latest technology-equipped Drones’. The current products are an impeccable coalescence of technology and sustainability offering facile kineticism, high storage, and security.

Investing highly in our assorted structure, we hold correspondence in employment opportunities as a key aspect. To ascertain that the employees reach their authentic potential, we ascertain to provide a vibrant, fear-free, and salubrious working environment.

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