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“Great companies are built on great products”. With this, we bring to you a brilliant, secure, and rough framework to store and move the most critical vaccine of the 21st century. A smart, portable, and secured refrigeration system that is capable of handling very low temperatures and is equipped with a long battery backup system.

Our refrigerators are easy to transport and they can be transported easily without taking much space which also reduces the number of trucks used in transportation thereby making it sustainable. When we talk about the sustainability, our refrigerator is in compliance with environmental norms hence, our refrigerators don’t emit CFCs and are energy efficient.

We have also added value to Aerospace Logistics for streamlining it in a more desired and rectified way, coping up with Sustainable Energy and making a versatile future with technological prerequisites and Serving the nation is what our company’s manifesto all about.


A powerhouse of high capacity storage capable of maintaining extremely low temperatures.

Equipped with an LCD screen that constantly displays measured levels of physical properties.

Bigger fridge render.87

One of its kind sustainable solutions created using concepts of thermodynamics and applied physics efficiently lowers power consumption.

Accompanied with a special wheel mechanism system which makes transportation a smooth process.